Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Perfect Fall

We have had the perfect Fall. We love being outside and enjoying
the weather. A couple of Saturday's ago the temperatures outside were
a beatiful 75 degrees. Mike dug out his grandpa Dunn's old fireman's rope and decided
to put it to good use. He made a rope swing in one of the walnut trees out
front. Ever since the girls have been in Heaven!

Our fearless McKinley

McCall LOVES the swing.

Katie came up and enjoyed the new swing.
We had a great time!

Friday, November 2, 2007

We Love Halloween!

Halloween is always a hit. This was the first year where the kids really wanted lots of candy. Much to mom's dismay. McCall was a devil and McKinley an angel. (Kind of ironic, it should be the other way around) Spencer was a monkey. Although Halloween night he slept through the whole thing and didn't even get into his costume. We were combating an ear infection.

We had a great time... Visited the Johnson's, Neighborhood hot dog roast, trick or treating with the Greens and the Jacksons. What more could you want!

The Beginning

Well it's official... I am starting a blog! After promising photos and updates of the kids for months and really not delivering, I am hoping that this might help. I am not setting myself up with high expectations to be a Fantastic blogger. But with most of our family out of state, anything is an improvement. So the Dunn motto will be "short and sweet." We hope that you will enjoy following our crazy lives!