Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Crazy Life

Life has been a little crazy lately. I know that I have been the worst blogger known to man. This past week Mike started his clinicals. He has been working non-stop. The kids have only seen him for about 30 minutes total since last Tuesday. Luckily tomorrow (Tuesday) Mike gets off. It will be nice to have him home for a day. He is enjoying it, and I am trying to keep the kids busy and distracted so we don't have too many melt-downs.
We had an interesting week while he has been gone. We thought McKinley broke her foot and spent last Tuesday night up at Primary Children's Hopsital. I feel so blessed that with everything else that is going on that it isn't broken. She spent Wednesday and Thursday barely walking on it, but felt much better by Friday. It was sooo swollen and is black and blue.
The girls started T-Ball last week, which is a lot of fun. We go 3-4 days a week but they love it. Spencer is going to be a happy camper getting to spend so much time at the park. Last Wednesday McKinley had her Spring Sing at school. I wasn't going to take her because she could barely walk and couldn't fit her foot in any shoes, but she had told Mike earlier in the week that I would record it for him and she was very persistant. She did a cute job but was wiped out by the end. We did get it recorded for daddy, so hopefully he can see it on Tuesday when he comes home.
Friday aunt Katie was a lifesaver and came up while I went to get my haircut. I think I need a new person because I was there WAY to long. I don't have time to sit and wait at a salon.
Saturday we had our first T-Ball games which McCall's coach forgot that she was a lefty and had her stand as a right handed batter. She was pretty proud because she was able to hit his pitch's both ways. She loves T-Ball and has tons of strength to wack the pitches. She was able to hit all coach pitched balls and had a great game.
Sunday I hate to admit but we were about 5 minutes late to church. Mike is going to be gone 8 of the next 11 Sunday's. So I need to get it together a little more to get us there on time every week. 9:00 Church seems to roll around a little early, but I don't like being late.
This morning the sun was shining, which was great! (we have had a rainy few days).
I did step on a big shard of plastic that went up in my foot. The kids were freaking out because it was bleeding quite a bit. McCall even made my bed for me. They were so funny.
We are doing well and can't believe that it is almost May... School will be out before we know it. I am putting in a few Easter pictures that we took. We had a great Easter!!! I made the girls dresses and they were pretty excited about them.

McKinley on the Hunt...

McCall showing off her finds....

My three great kids!!!