Monday, December 14, 2009

Aunt Katie is going, going, GONE!

We can't believe that Aunt Katie is gone. We had a great time sending her off. On Tuesday, she and Dan flew in town. She finished last minute items, we had a fun dinner together, then a little farewell party with friends and family (mostly family). She looked so cute in her missionary attire and was excited to go!

Morning before McCall left to school. Saying goodbye.... As I drove McCall to school she got teary and said "I don't want Aunt Katie to go!" We will have to write her lots of letters so McCall doesn't feel out of touch!

Katie did great the whole drive down, she was sooo excited! She held it together the entire time (until Mike called on the phone to say goodbye). She did have a few butterflies as we were driving up. When we pulled up to the MTC it was fabulous. They had 2 cute missionaries to each unloading spot ready to help and walk the missionary in. Katie was so cute and beaming from ear to ear. She was just ready to go...

Last photo with Dan and Spencer. (Spencer and Ruby were champs and did great)

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. They were walking REALLY fast and I couldn't keep my zoom up... There she goes and is now a full time missionary. We Love you Aunt Katie... We are so proud of you, and can't wait to hear about all of the great things that you will do!