Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scottie is getting MARRIED!!!

Yes it is true, Scott and Jayne are finally getting married. He popped the question last night and we are all thrilled! The girls will be in absolute wedding bliss over the whole thing. They haven't set an exact date, but it looks like it will happen in October over fall break. YEAH!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mike is a ROCKSTAR!!!

Mike is a proud finisher to the Utah Half Triathlon. He is a total winner in our book. This particular triathlon is a half ironman; which means that he swims almost 1 1/2 miles, Bikes 56 miles, and runs 13 miles (a half marathon).

This is the second year that Mike has done this and he beat his last years time by 10 minutes. Yeah!!!!

The girls running out to meet him. They were able to run him in through the finish line.

Finish Line...

Our family minus spencer. We decided to leave him home with Grandma Kaye.

Grandma Dunn and Katie joined in the fun. They really added to our little cheering section. Mike was very excited to have them come and watch!