Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Wow it has been awhile... I do have a few photos that I will upload soon. But I wanted to jot down a funny story about McCall that happened today. We were getting ready for school and I was getting her hair done. Like usual there are a few tears. I sprayed her hair with water from the spray bottle so I could start spraying. She burst into tears and percedes to tell me how bad it is to get the water on her skin from the spray bottle. Then she gets very emotional and can barely talk and says "mom it is just the worstest thing ever, it is even worse than elephants in our house."
This totally caught me off guard and I had to chuckle. I hope everyone is having a beautiful spring. We are LOVING ours. Pictures will be soon!

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Ashley said...

Life is tough for McCall - ha ha. I love the story! xoxo

Can't wait to see the new pictures.