Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where has the time gone...

I can't believe that we are coming towards the end of June... We have been so busy! We took the kids down to St. George for a quick get-a-way. It was exactly what we needed. They were so excited to spend time with Mike and just have fun. McCall loved hiking and climbing. She could have done it all day long. But of course we had to fit in some pool time also. Mike decided that next time he would bring some of uncle Scottie's climbing gear and he could have her do a couplr of small climbs. The weather was perfect and it was so fun being with our little family.

The girls climbed through some narrow slots. They had to do it by themselves because mom and dad couldn't fit. They both thought that this was a highlight!

We had to take an ice cream break!

McCall Climbing!

McCall and Mike climbed up a steep rock to a cave by the Circus wall. They had a lot of fun!
It was a great trip and much needed. We are sad because dad is now back to his busy,crazy schedule again. We can almost see the end of it though. We hope that everyone is having a great summer!!!

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Ashley said...

I love the pictures. Uncle Scottie will have to take McCall to the climbing wall - she looks like a natural!