Tuesday, October 5, 2010

72 hour kits...

Well conference has come and gone.... I am very sad.  It is one of my favorite weekends of the year!  I always try and change out my 72 hour kits over fall conference.  Due to baby Ruby, last October nothing got accomplished.  So needless to say we were really overdue.  Nothing quite like 2 year old granola bars to choke down in an emergency.  What I thought I could tackle in a couple of hours took me 8!  Yes...I can't believe it either... 8 whole hours of complete madness.
 I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of when I started.  There was a huge pile of clothes, hats, gloves, shoes, food, first aid, activities... oh the list goes on and on.  This is just organized chaos above.
 Finally we are finished.  I made Mike take them out to the garage last night.  He could barely carry them... Oh do you think they are to full?  My opinion is that it is better to have it than not.  You can always discard items along the way.  Boy am I glad that the project is over... on to bigger and better!
SIDENOTE... Look at my babies...Aren't they so precious!  I can't believe how little they were.
I always make emergency tags with info for the bags with photo's attached.  I am such a nut because I am having a hard time parting with these sweet things.  I even considered keeping them for the scrapbook.  What!  who does that....scrapbooks their kids old emergency tags.  No I must throw them away... but they are sweet!
Well, For now I better put our newly organized bags in the garage to gather dust and pray we don't have to use them!  Goodbye to them until next fall when I do the whole thing all over again!


McCall said...

hey! your kids are so big and grown up, and if i were you... i think i would keep the emergency tags. there is just something sentimental about things like that.

i need to follow along and switch update our 72 hour kits. if it makes you feel any better, i am pretty sure our food is... 3 years old. yeah - not kidding. but our clothes? those are only 1 year. so at least we might have clothes that fit?

way to go, i am totally impressed.

Ashley said...

the emergency cards are adorable. can you send me an email and tell me what information you include on the card?