Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello Again

 Here are a few pictures of the past little while.  Ruby LOVES being outside.  She could be out all day long every day.  She is fearless and wants to do everything that the big kids do.  These are pics from about a month ago when it was still a bit chilly!
 Play Group to the Fire station.  We had playgroup at our house yesterday.  So I planned a little field trip to the fire station.  Mike was on shift so it made it really convenient. The kids had a great time.  Spencer and Ruby were in heaven showing off everything to their friends. 
 Mike got out the fire hose and let all of the kids spray it.  Ruby has become quite taken with all of the fire stuff.  She loves it.  Everytime she hears a siren she gets so excited and yells "Dad, Dad, Dad"
Climbing around in the fire trucks.  It is really a kids paradise.  The station got new kids plastic fire hats.  So they were all thrilled to get one.  It was awesome... Thanks to Mike...
***This post goes out to Ash... for making me feel guilty about not blogging!

2 comments: said...

aaaawwww...THANKS ASH!!! :) Happy to see pictures again! So sweet!

ashleydare said...

yeah yeah yeah - i love the update and photos. the kidos are so adorable!