Thursday, December 20, 2007


So... It was time for a change. I decided what the heck we will try brown hair, only it turned out to be DARK brown hair. (don't mind the photo's I am lacking on my self portrait skills.
I have had funny response to the new look.

Mike... Wow, that's dark!
McCall... Mom i love your hair, it is so creative
McKinley... Mom you look just like Gabriella (from H.S. Musical) not the look i was going for.
Mom...I almost don't recognize you, but i like it.

The new me.
So ash... What do you think?


Ashley said...

I think you look sexy!

Amie said...

I like it too! Now, with Katie dark we just need to get Lauren on board and ALL the Dunn girls will have dark brown hair! :)

I don't think you could ever look bad though!

Grama Patty said...

I think it looks fantastic! You and Kate will be a big hit at FHE next month...Can't wait to be there!

Katie Dunn said...

LOVE are such a HOT momma!!!