Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a Perfect Christmas...

What an amazing Christmas. We went up to the cabin on the 23rd for a couple of days. I took McCall skiing with Amber, Tony, Scott, and Grandpa. She did an incredible job. It was so much fun skiing together. I can't wait to go again!

McCall plowing down the hill...Yeah!

The group on Christmas Eve up at the cabin. We were sad that Ash and Josh weren't here. I am sure that we had more fun than Kayaking down some river in Chile. j/k. But we missed you guys.

Spencer and his buddy uncle scotty.

McKinley LOVING her Christmas presents! The girls each got as McCall said "just what she has always wanted." McKinley wanted a teaset and a craft, McCall wanted a Samantha doll and a camera. Spencer just wanted to eat the paper. We had a fabulous day! We can't wait to see grandma and grandpa Dunn when they come up!


Katie Dunn said...

SO fun that you guys got to go skiing together!! I can't wait to see you guys...It feels like it has been forever!!

Ashley said...

I missed all of you too! (although kayaking the Futaleufu river in Chile was pretty cool) - ha ha.