Thursday, November 19, 2009


Mike got some more of his fire gear. He is wearing his wildland fire coat. Spencer thinks it is Christmas every time Mike brings home more of his duds. Of course then it is dress up time for all. Can you tell that Spencer is just beaming that his dad is a fireman. Every little boy's dream!

Spencer all dressed up!

Mike got his leather plaque on his helmet. (this one's for you Patty!)

Last week Spencer, Ruby, I went down to the academy and watched Mike do a live burn. He was running the crew, so we didn't see him with the hose actually putting out the fire, but it was fun to watch him in action. Again Spencer thought it was pretty cool.

Mike and Spencer at the live burn. The academy has 4 fire engines. Spencer had to climb in every one of them and pretend to drive. He was in heaven!


Katie Dunn said...

So awesome!!! Love the picture with Mike and Spencer... I am so proud of Mike!!!

Ashley said...

I am so happy for your family! Mike and Spenc look awesome in their gear :)