Saturday, November 7, 2009


We had a great Halloween! The weather was gorgeous and warm! The kids were thrilled with every aspect of the holiday (especially Spencer with the Candy!)

I love this picture because McKinley looks like such a sassy little devil (do you think that it is fitting?) She luckily for me wore the devil costume that I had made McCall 2 years ago. I was very thankful that it fit and was still in good shape. There were a few devils in the neighborhood, so she thought that it was great!

Firefighter Spencer!!! He loved being a fireman. Thanks to Grandma Dunn we have a costume that can be worn constantly (It is a raincoat and boots) Spencer was thrilled when this showed up in the mail. He had to bring it out and show everyone that he was a fireman. We are still pulling it out almost daily to wear here and there!

McCall was a Witch, although I thought she was a sweet one. We whipped out her skirt the day before (But it worked out perfectly). She is at the age where she definately wants to choose what she is going to be on her own. She is not to be swayed. Luckily she choose something easy. For her the hightlight is trick or treating with her friends and getting to wear make-up.

We had the annual halloween hot dog roast back in our driveway again. (We haven't hosted it since we moved) We had a GREAT turnout. I couldn't believe it. Luckily the weather was so warm and beautiful that everyone had fun. Here are most of the kids who came to the cattail roast. I love seeing all of the cute kids in their costumes. THE DUNN'S LOVE HALLOWEEN!

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Ashley said...

I love it! All the costumes are so fitting - they make me laugh. xoxo