Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ARH Matey!

We had a fantastic birthday WEEK for McKinley. I don't suggest dragging out birthday's for that long. It is rather exhausting. But for McKinley it was birthday bliss. She decided that she wanted a Pirate birthday. (I never imagined for my little girls first birthday party we would be having a Captain Jack cake) But it turned out fabulous. We had family over on Wednesday night for cake and ice cream and presents. It was a lot of fun. Then on Thursday we had just our little family celebrate, along with treats to school, etc. Friday topped off the celebrations with her friends party. This was a hit. All of the kids were adorable and had a great time.

We got McKinley this pirate ship for her birthday. She LOVES it. The best was yesterday when I walked downstairs to the family room and she had her Pirate Ship out with her sleeping beauty Barbie doll attached at the top directing the ship.


OOPS! Sorry this picture is sideways. McKinley walking the Plank and her party. We had a big treasure hunt with activities that they had to complete before they got the next clue. The kids loved the plank.

Needless to say Iwas tired after last week, but it was fun.
Yesterday (monday, Martin Luther King day) we awoke to over a foot of snow. It was gorgeous. We had some friends rent out Bounce aRound for the afternoon, so the whole neighborhood went and had a blast on our day off. Then we all went and got some late lunch together. Then the girls headed to grandma Midges last night for a "Tea Party" They even had dinner and milkshakes at their tea party. They came home wanting to do it again tomorrow. I think we will give grandma a little rest.
We are busy but having fun. We hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday!

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Amie said...

These pictures are DARLING!!! I love that she had her Barbie out with the Pirate Ship! It looks like you did a fantastic job with the cute hats, belts & eye patches! Only would have been better if we were there! ;)

Cute stuff...so glad you posted these!