Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Little Princess!

McKinley Last Winter. She loves to feel a little freedom!

McKinley turning 3 years old. She had a princess party and was soooo excited to be a "Big" girl. The novelty has definately worn off!

Waterskiing this summer. This was McKinley's second summer waterskiing. She is so light that it doesn't take much to get her up.

McKinley this October.

I can't believe how old my "baby" girl is. She is so fun and spontaneous. She loves to cuddle and tell me that she loves me. She loves playing with McCall and is very creative and imaginative. She makes our lives so happy. Every day I think how blessed that I am. I love my sweet McKinley. Happy 4th Birthday!

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Ashley said...

I absolutely love the top picture of Kinney (no pants - so scandelous). Please wish her a happy happy birthday from Aunt Ashley - I wish I could attend the pirate party.