Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh what a week!

We have had a great week. On Monday night we went to McCall's kindergarten program. It was soooo well done. Every kid had speaking parts and knew the words to all of the songs. They had props, music, dancing, etc. Everything that a great program needs. (also it only lasted about 35-40 minutes) McCall was front and center, and one of the biggest hams in the show. It was so funny. Mike got part of it on video, if I were really good I would know how to post it...but I'm not!
Also Spencer...My lazy little guy, who has only taken a few steps (but only when he had to). He woke up yesterday and just decided to walk. It was pretty funny...and he is getting more used to cruising.


Katie Dunn said... forgot to tell me on the phone tonight that he is walking!!! That is so great :)

Ashley said...

way to go Spenc!

Amie said...

What a stud! Can't wait to see you guys in June!